Site Assessment and Site Clean-up Services

Whether your goal is re-development, site clearing or disassembly facility, PT Enviromate Teknologi Indonesia has the most complete science, engineering, environmental, health, and security expertise to identify and manage the recovery and dismantling of your project in the most effective and cost efficient way.

PT Enviromate Teknologi Indonesia also offers additional critical knowledge and skills needed for regulatory compliance throughout the region. You can begin to see the detail of our site investigation, clean up and decommissioning work in this summary of key projects

  • Contaminants Site Investigation
  • Clean Up & Remediation Services

Our full services range from a complete scientific study, biology, ecology and the environment investigation. They include:

• Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) including ground and surface water monitoring and modeling

• Contaminant hydrogeology and modeling / transport

• Garbage classification and waste management

• Human health and toxicology assessment

• Estimated risk

PT Enviromate Teknologi Indonesia continues to adopt new technologies and innovative filtration site to identify the value of the information collected.

Clean Up & Remediation Services

PT Enviromate Teknologi Indonesia offers expertise in a wide range of remediation technologies, enable us to choose the most efficient technology and scientifically sound available for your project.

• Dry Cleaning

• Wet Cleaning

• Garbage dump

• The manufacturing facility

Decommissioning & Demolition Services

Our clients rely on us to manage the process of closing and dismantling facilities in a way that identifies way to balance the cost and return of assets, liability limits, and maintain regulatory compliance.

We emphasize the strategic planning approach based on the intended use of the property and the end goal of the business, and use the process management approach to promote a program that is cost-effective, compliant, and meets the stakeholder requirements.

Our facility decommissioning and dismantling of our global management services include:

• Development of best practice / guidance documents

• Strategic planning, assessing end use / exit plan options

• Identification and evaluation obligations

• Estimate for decision analysis and use

• Preparation of tender and management

• Safety review, monitoring and management

• Waste management review and record keeping

• Inspection of compliance and documentation until completed.

• The implementation of the turnkey project and contract management.



PT.Enviromate Teknologi Indonesia (ETI) in line with development in industry be running a service business excellent build synergy services, environment, regulation, proper, vision, and mission so it will be a real different One

Customize Waste Management Services
Customize Waste Management Services

Your company is guaranteed to be complied with the government’s regulations and we ensure the safety of your waste segregation, storage, and utilization

Transportation waste B3 and Non-B3
Transportation waste B3 and Non-B3

Our company have bonded and licensed by the government. Therefore, We can help you to take care of your B3 (Liquid, Solid and Sludge)and Non-B3 waste treatments

Site Assessment and Site Clean-up Services
Site Assessment and Site Clean-up Services

We have competency to identify and manage the recovery & dismantling of project in the most effective and cost efficient way. Indeed We have the wide range of remediation technologies

Hazardous Waste Handling & Treatment
Hazardous Waste Handling & Treatment

In order to manage the hazardous and toxic waste ( B3 ), you will need a special handling whether it is a solid or liquid waste. Therefore, We can help you to proceed the various types of waste

Waste Cleaning Services
Waste Cleaning Services

We help your company in cleaning your waste. All you have to do is collect. We have guaranteed that our solution will be able to solve your waste problems the most effective and cost efficient way.


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