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B3 waste collection by the government’s legislation based on the government’s regulation Number 101 issued in 2014 regarding the Management of Hazardous and Toxic Waste, B3 collector is defined as a business entity conducting B3 Waste collection before it is sent to the B3 Waste Management, Waste Utilization B3, and / or B3 Waste Landfill. B3 Waste collection is an activity of collecting B3 waste from waste producers B3 before being handed over to the party utilizing B3, B3 waste treatment, and / or the disposal of B3.

Every entity that generates B3 waste is REQUIRED to process their B3 waste that they produce. Every entity who produces B3 is prohibited

1. To collect B3 waste is not generated by them; and

2. mixing B3 waste that they collected

B3 waste collection should be done by:

a) B3 waste segregation

segregation in accordance with the B3 name as listed in Annex I to Regulation No. 101 of 2014; and b. characteristics of its B3 waste

b) B3 waste storage.

B3 waste storage is implemented in accordance with the provisions of B3 waste storage (Article 12 through Article 30 PP 101 2014)

Submission of B3 to the B3 waste collector from B3 waste producers are accompanied by proof of delivery of B3 (in the case of producers cannot make their own collection) and a copy of proof of delivery of the B3 waste delivered seven (7) days after the deposit of B3 waste.

To be able to collect B3, B3 gatherers are required to have an environmental license and B3 Waste Management license for waste collection of B3. B3 Gatherers are prohibited:

a) To perform B3 Waste Utilization and / or B3 Waste Treatment against part or all of B3 waste collected;

b) Submit B3 waste collected to another gatherers; and

c) Mix B3 waste.

Requirements for the license application for the B3 waste management collection are:

1. Applicant's Identity;

2. Article of organization;

3. The name, source, and characteristics of B3 waste to be collected;

4. Document that describes the storage area of the B3 in accordance with the requirements referred to in Article 13 through Article 18 PP 101 2014;

5. Document that describes the B3 waste packaging in accordance with the provisions referred to in Article 19 of Regulation 101 of 2014;

6. B3 waste collection procedures;

7. Proof of ownership of Combating Environmental Pollution fund and / or Environmental Damage and Recovery of Function guarantee fund of the Environment; and

8. Other documents in accordance with the government’s legislation.

B3 Waste Management Permit for waste collection activities B3 is valid for five (5) years and may be extended

PT Enviromate Teknologi Indonesia is a licensed B3 contractor. By working with us, your company is guaranteed to be complied with the government’s regulations and we ensure the safety of your waste segregation, storage, and utilization.



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Customize Waste Management Services
Customize Waste Management Services

Your company is guaranteed to be complied with the government’s regulations and we ensure the safety of your waste segregation, storage, and utilization

Transportation waste B3 and Non-B3
Transportation waste B3 and Non-B3

Our company have bonded and licensed by the government. Therefore, We can help you to take care of your B3 (Liquid, Solid and Sludge)and Non-B3 waste treatments

Site Assessment and Site Clean-up Services
Site Assessment and Site Clean-up Services

We have competency to identify and manage the recovery & dismantling of project in the most effective and cost efficient way. Indeed We have the wide range of remediation technologies

Hazardous Waste Handling & Treatment
Hazardous Waste Handling & Treatment

In order to manage the hazardous and toxic waste ( B3 ), you will need a special handling whether it is a solid or liquid waste. Therefore, We can help you to proceed the various types of waste

Waste Cleaning Services
Waste Cleaning Services

We help your company in cleaning your waste. All you have to do is collect. We have guaranteed that our solution will be able to solve your waste problems the most effective and cost efficient way.


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