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PT. Enviromate Teknologi Indonesia (ETI) was established in 2003 as a leading transportation, storage and utilization of waste B3 in Indonesia. Our goal is to help you manage your waste effectively with the most cost efficient way, and to create a better and greener environment. Our solution also helps your company to stay compliant with Ministry of Environment regulations. It is our mission to maximize contribution towards a clean environment referred as GO GREEN!

We provide a complete range of Waste Management Services to industrial & commercial companies throughout Indonesia:

  1. Waste Cleaning Services
  2. Hazardous Waste Handling and Treatment
  3. Site Assessment and Site Clean-up Services
  4. Transportation waste B3( Liquid, Solid & Sludge) & Non B3
  5. Customize Waste Management Services (Segregation, storage, and utilization)

PT. Enviromate Teknologi Indonesia draws on the resources available internally or through that of associate companies to execute projects that are turn-key in nature and span all areas from site assessment, selection of process/method, provides man power and equipment, provides transportation of the waste for recycle or treatment and disposal.

Eti Interesting Facts:

  • More than 10 years of experience and industry-wide respect.
  • Knowledge of ever-changing environmental regulations around the world.
  • Worldwide-reputation for customers service and environmental concern.
  • Long term affiliations with major metal refiners. MOE licensed facilities.
  • Insurance cover to safe guarnd financial liability e.g all risks.
  • sudden and accidental pollution insurance, worldwide maritime insurance.


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President Director

Afin Mauchant

Managing Director

Elin Herlina

Operational Manager

Ailie Sung

Business Development Manager

Ade Azis

Head of Marketing

Deden Chandra

Marketing and Sales

Irsyad Imanudin

Marketing and Sales

Untung Setiawan

Marketing and Sales


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